All About My Cats!

Welcome to a world of adorable cuteness, as well as some weird and funny moments they have had...

First, meet the cats:


Rosie is a Tortie , or Tortoiseshell, who is made up of gray and orange coloring, gray being the dominant color. She also has patches of cream(white), like on her neck. She is around 5 and 1/2 months old and is smaller than her brother Momo. Rosie is very sweet but is also a sort of scaredy cat and doesnít like being approached. She is cautious and adorable because whenever you do something unexpected she jumps straight up into the air and her tail becomes very poofy. One thing that she also does is that whenever you walk by her she will jump up and "attack" your leg, meaning jump up and pretty much hug your thigh. She is such a cutie. I love her very much!



Momo, my other kitten, is an orange and white spotted kitten who is friendly and incredibly soft. He is also around 5 and 1/2 months old, and is starting to get chubby. When he is tired he will sleep in your lap and snuggle up tight. He charms everyone with both his looks and his adventurous personality. Momo has some very ... interesting habits. One of them is that whenever you try to clean the litter box he will come over and "help" you. Meaning, he attacks the sifter and makes it difficult yet fun to clean it. If you look in the picture, you will see that he has some litter on his nose(what would happen if he sneezed?), for Momo that is a classic look. Another "interesting" habit he has is "teenage nursing". While Rosie has stopped, Momo is a mama's boy and still nurses. It is an ongoing joke because whenever my dad sees it, he exclaims "No teenage nursing, little buddy!" and pulls him away. Momo is also extremely courageous because he is both not afraid of vacuums as well as he loves playing in water (taking a virtual shower). As you will see in the video, he also loves the dishwasher. I love Momo so much, my little cutie!



Bliss is the mother and is very sweet and friendly. She rubs up against your legs and purrs all the time. She is just so nice and she loves to snuggle with you as well as give you kisses! She is a calico and around 1-2 years old. We donít know exactly how old she is because she was found pregnant on the streets of Boston. She sometimes gets moody but the most of the time she loves humans and especially loves humans who gives her treats. At the moment we are trying to keep her from eating too much because she is getting pretty heavy, and we can't blame it on the milk(kittens nursing) anymore... One thing that has been happening a lot and is kind of worrisome is that because of her past, she really likes the outside so she sits on the window sill and schemes. Then, whenever we open the front door, she is waiting and she bolts out, causing much panic. One of her adorable yet funky habits, is to whenever she goes to the litter box, after she finishes she scrsatches at the sides of the box, for some reason. The funny thing is that when the kittens were younger they would go to the bathroom with her(or just watch) and they developed that habit too and it is soo cute because they would scratch the sides together. I love Bliss so much and I am very glad I convinced the rest of the family to adopt her even though it wasn't planned.

Mister Blister

Here are some videos...

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